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On Tuesday, the tech giant said the stylus will now be compatible with a newly unveiled 9.7-inch iPad that starts at 9 for consumers (the same price as the previously cheapest iPad). Previously, the Pencil was only compatible with pricier iPad Pro tablets. Also, Apple won't be adding Pencil support to old iPad models that don't already have it. There is a lesson here for Netanyahu. He and his aides are clearly of the view that the Corbynization of the Democratic Party is well underway. Likely they think it’s already lost. But one of the messages of Churchill’s life is to never, ever give up on a just cause. Making sure that Americans remain overwhelmingly pro-Israel is one worth fighting for. And in his craven attempt to cozy up to the most powerful American of the moment, the Israeli prime minister is actively separating his country from so many more.

“What was disappointing was that Cargill got lauded and then didn’t follow through,” said Nathalie Walker, a director at the National Wildlife Federation. “I don’t think anyone is taking a personal view or an emotional view about a company. It’s judging them by their actions.” It is not clear whether the weapons belonged to Mr. Olsen, or whether he even had access to them — many were kept in a “gun vault” in his father’s room, according to the filing.

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Readers are advised to check if a message has been forwarded -- WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature to help people identify forwarded messages. Beyond that, the ad urges readers to double check facts, links and photos. There's also a warning about viral messages.

The president became interested in the issue after hearing stories from patients whose finances were upended by high medical bills. And he sold the idea in populist terms, saying that increased transparency could help protect patients from a predatory health industry. He has also called for legislation to ban so-called surprise medical bills, when patients receive care from a doctor in the hospital who is not covered by their insurance; Congress is moving to answer that call. Just a day earlier, antigovernment demonstrators had held hands across Hong Kong, forming human chains to demand greater democracy in the semiautonomous Chinese territory.

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Log InBut some diners were able to get the sauce and shared photos and reactions.  Ilya held a different view: That if there really was something to worry about, people would know.